Visionary Epilogue 06-18-2018

This week, Pastor Kenji concludes his sermon series through the book of Revelation.  He ends with the big idea of Revelation, which is that God wants us to persevere in faith.


This week, Pastor Kenji discussed the Beast from Revelation and marriage (hint: the Beast is not your spouse).


This week, Pastor Kenji discusses God’s judgment, God’s grace, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The Keys of Death

This week, Pastor Kenji introduces the book of Revelation and covers chapter 1.  We see Jesus, we see hope, and we see things as they really are.  We took in some members and baptized someone today.  Jump to 13:13 for the beginning of the sermon.


This week, Pastor Kenji discusses the Tower of Babel and mocks a wannabe ninja.

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